Advanced SEO Tools

Do you have any idea what the most Advanced SEO tools will be in 2022? Your overall marketing strategy should absolutely include search engine optimization (SEO), as the importance of this strategy is only starting to grow.

It may be challenging to stay on top of everything, given all the ways in which the Google algorithm and its updates are rapidly evolving.

It is important to maintain a technologically superior position in this day and age. How can a small business or startup, as well as marketing professionals, decide what they should be investing in when there are so many new digital marketing tools and trends being released every single day?

Making an investment in search engine optimization (SEO) tools is one way to stay ahead of the curve and maintain your competitive edge in the industry in which you operate. The question is, which ones should you put your money into? Because there are such a variety of options available, it may be difficult to select the one that best meets your needs.

Advanced SEO Tools

To your great fortune, we have compiled a list of the most promising SEO tools that will help your small business or startup grow in 2022 and beyond.

Because SEO is a dynamic industry, it is necessary for us to remain abreast of trends if we wish to succeed in this area. See below for a list of the most cutting-edge paid and free SEO tools for the year 2022, all of which were created with your success in mind.

#01. Google Keyword Planner Tool Free

google keyword planner free

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool comes in at number 1 in our rundown of the greatest tools. It is a tool that has been around for quite some time and has been used by virtually every web advertiser out there at some point or another in their quest to get the most effective keywords and rank higher on Google.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is an impactful catchphrase research tool that is not only used for AdWords keyword research but also for SEO keyword research. In addition, it is held for both of these types of research. The tool provides a keyword report that details the competition cost per click (CPC), worldwide month-to-month inquiries, and local month-to-month looks for each phrase that you put into the tool.

In point of fact, even the most forward-thinking SEO experts only occasionally use this instrument for their research and investigation. To make sure that your Google Adwords campaign is a success, you should also familiarise yourself with the concept of negative keywords.

keywords planner result

#2. Bing Webmaster Tools for Keyword Research

bing keyword research tool

When it comes to deciding what kind of information to create, the first step that content creators need to take is to perform keyword research. When you perform a keyword search, you are able to check the phrases and keywords that searchers are parsing, as well as their corresponding search volumes. This will give you an idea of how many people might be looking up this particular topic online at any given time.

You can perform a keyword search by going to Google and typing in the phrase “keyword search.” If these numbers are higher than the level of interest that our target audience has in thematically related topics, then developing related materials should lead to more traffic from potential customers who want to learn more!

The keyword research tool feature of the Bing Webmaster Tool is an excellent method for discovering keywords that are highly relevant to one another. In the event that you want more specific results, you have the option of adding filters such as language and country.

#3. Google Webmaster Tool Free

google webmaster tools

The Google Search Console is yet another excellent and free part of the SEO tools developed by Google. The device gives advertisers the ability to check a variety of data collection techniques, including the number of times their picked catchphrases are clicked, the number of times pages from their websites is listed, the number of times backlinks are dynamic or indicating or distant from your website, and a great deal more.

#4. Bing Webmaster Tools – A Complete Guide

bing webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is made for advertisers who want to screen and rank their site highly on Google. Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) is for people who want to screen and rank their site highly on Bing. It is possible that one or both of these tools could be used to build the rankings of a website on Bing and Google; and even Yahoo, despite the fact that the assertion made above might be entirely true, and that BWT might have some features that are only slightly different from those offered by GWT,

Despite the fact that the majority of the free SEO tools mentioned above are effective in their own right, managing all of them can frequently turn into a nightmare. This is the rationale behind the production of premium-priced apparatuses. Most paid SEO tools combine all of the above features into a single interface. Free SEO tools, on the other hand, usually only do the one thing they were made to do.

So, if you ask us, we’ll tell you that you should try the free website development tools to learn what you should search for in terms of SEO marketing, and then you should keep going and exchange information for premium tools that will make your life much easier.

#5. Google Analytics Reporting Tool

google analytics reporting tools

Google Analytics Reporting is the basic free SEO reporting tool for some individuals and other expert search engine marketers. It’s because the Google Analytics tool allows you to monitor the traffic that is coming to your website as well as the keywords that are going to bring that traffic to your website.

As a beginner, you may very well find the tool confusing, but as time goes on, you’ll start to get the hang of it. After feeling comfortable with the apparatus, any person will be able to use it to get an understanding of their site’s activity, improvements, gathering of people, best keywords, and much more.

#6. Open Site Explorer SEO Tool – Moz Link Explorer

Open Site Explorer SEO Tool

When it comes to measuring the quality of backlinks, Open Site Explorer is an invaluable tool to use. You can use this tool to analyze the backlinks that are pointing to the websites of your competitors and find out how many backlinks from reputable websites point to them. The power behind such a tool comes from SEO, which is widely regarded as one of the very best SEO tools available today.

Features of the Moz Site Explorer Measuring Tools

  • It allows you to examine the backlink profiles of up to five different websites simultaneously.
  • It displays the authority of the page in addition to the authority of the domain that the website is hosted on. When judging the overall quality of a website, these two things are the most important to look at.

  • It reveals the total number of incoming links that a website possesses.

  • It offers you a glimpse into the site’s popularity across various social media platforms. (Only available to subscribers who’ve paid)

  • Additionally, the anchor text that is associated with the linking domain is displayed here.

#7. Open SEO Stats – PageRank Status – A Great SEO Tool for Chrome and Web

page rank status for chrome openadmintools-com page rank status

As an advertiser, one of the many things you need to keep an eye on frequently is the page rank of both your own website and the websites of your competitors.

It is advantageous to have a system that would make it simple to monitor PageRanks, given that web crawlers like Google rank websites based on how high their page rank is (somewhere between 0 and 10).

PageRank Status is a free Chrome SEO tool that comes as a program expansion. This means that you have to install it on your internet browser (Chrome or Firefox on the web), and then you will see the site’s PageRank displayed on the toolbar whenever you visit a new website.

openadmintools report

#8. Google PageSpeed Insights – Best Website Page Speed Test Tool

Google Page Speed Insight Tool

In a world in which the number of people using the Internet is at an all-time high and consumers place increasing importance on how well websites perform in terms of load time as well as functionality, it is helpful to have your website optimized for performance in order to attract as many customers as possible.

By analyzing desktop and mobile user experience metrics across billions of page loads from all over the world, Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that helps website owners better understand how they’re doing when it comes to loading speed. Because of this tool, website owners no longer have an excuse for not knowing what needs to be improved!

ghazanfariqbal pagespeed insights report

PageSpeed Insights by Google is the best tool to use if you want to find out how your website appears in search results. This tool will show you, on a page-by-page basis, what Googlebot interprets. when it crawls and indexes your website. This will include user-declared canonical URLs, the date that the website was last crawled, and a great deal more. It is the best way to find out if Google has any problems with the way your website pages are indexed when you are doing a web search.

#9. GTmetrix Tool – Website Performance Monitoring

Gtmetrix webpage performance checker tool

If you want to be successful online, you need a website that loads quickly. Using site speed testing tools such as GTmetrix will help to determine whether or not your website is working correctly. It will show you a variety of parameters that can help determine what elements of your site are affecting it to run more slowly and how to fix those things.

gtmetrix-com ghazanfar iqbal report

Increasing the speed of your website will provide you with a multitude of benefits, including a better position on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and an increased chance of encouraging visitors to remain on your site for a longer period of time. Here is everything you need to know about GTmetrix so that you can get a better understanding of how it functions.

#10. SEO by Yoast – On-Page Search Engine Optimization WordPress Plugin

SEO by Yoast

The WordPress plugin referred to as Yoast SEO is recognized to have become the most effective tool for search engine optimization (SEO). It gives you access to a suite of tools that will help you save time and make it much clearer than it has ever been before to create content that is optimized in the way that Google prefers.

Since it was first made available to the public in 2008, Yoast’s prime focus has been to assist individuals in achieving success online by providing excellent articles that are penned by humans who are enthusiastic about their work. Yoast SEO is a plugin that can not be done without when working with WordPress. It makes it easy to optimize your website’s content, pages, and images based on things like Title Tags, Image Alt Texts, and Site Speed to make it more likely that Google will put your website higher in its rankings.

#11. Rank Math – Best Free WordPress OnPage SEO Tools


Rank Math is a WordPress OnPage SEO plugin with more than 300,000 installs to date. Because it can be used to improve your website’s search engine visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, Rank Math has become the SEO optimization tool of choice for a huge number of online marketers and business owners who use WordPress.

Because it includes features such as keyword monitoring, RankMath SEO Toll is appropriate for use by users of all experience levels. This feature will alert you if your site isn’t ranking highly enough or at all for particular keywords that are pertinent and popular for whatever industry they happen to belong to. It also includes a function known as the “rank checker“, which ensures that nothing fishy is going on beneath the surface so that everything runs smoothly and there are no conflicts between plugins that interfere with one another.

The Rank Math OnPage SEO Tool is the answer to all of a website owner’s problems if they want to achieve a higher ranking on Google as well as on other search engines. This all-in-one package includes optimizing page titles and meta descriptions, checking for 404 errors, making XML sitemaps, and finding opportunities for new content. All of these things can be done with a simple plug-in installation process for WordPress.

#12. All in One SEO – Best WordPress OnPage SEO Plugin

all in one seo plugin

Although a lot of people have the misconception that SEO is a difficult process, it’s actually quite simple. Installing the one and only plugin available, which is called the all-is-one SEO plugin, is all that is required of you. After installing this All-in-One SEO plugin on a website, users will notice an immediate increase in rankings for their sites, which will lead to improved online visibility for the users. If you’re just getting started with WordPress, you might want to read our article that explains how to set up an all-in-one SEO plugin for your website.

All in One SEO provides a straightforward method for enhancing the search engine rankings of a website. Join the over 2,000,000 experts in your field who use this WordPress plugin and toolkit to boost their website’s ranking on Google or any other major search engine like Yahoo!

All in One SEO is an all-inclusive platform that lowers the barriers between beginners who are just getting started on their website journey and experts who are looking into different ways in which they can optimize their websites.

#13. Hunter – Find email addresses in seconds

hunter find email address in secound

When you use Hunter, you’ll have an easy way to find email addresses and make connections with the people who matter in the business world. Quickly and easily distribute marketing emails to the recipients of your choosing. With just a few clicks of your mouse, the Hunter email finder will locate the person in question’s e-mail address.

Finding contact information that will get through to prospects is one of the challenges faced in any marketing endeavor. However, helps streamline this process with a simple tool designed specifically to spend less time manually searching through pages of data online. Best yet? You don’t even need an account to receive up to 50 emails per month from anywhere on the internet; it’s completely free!

You’ll save hours of manual work searching on Google or social media platforms like LinkedIn for the right contacts who can be reached by your outreach campaign when you use because it only takes a few seconds to find email addresses, instead of spending those hours looking for those contacts.

#14. SEMrush: Best Seo and PPC Tool – Get More Organic Visits

SEM Rush SEO Tools

SEMrush is a useful SEO tool. It gives you all the information you need, like backlinks, social media followers, etc., to rank higher in Google’s search results.

SEMrush has many features for digital marketers or bloggers, including detailed research reports on organic traffic sources by region & country; insight into keywords being researched globally across different industries; a keyword difficulty rating system (KD); access to competitor’s domain metrics like links structure of site/link domain’s profile down to individual page level analysis with a full list of external linking domains pointing at their website. Both beginners and advanced users can benefit from SEMrush’s SEO tools.

SEMrush's SEO tools

Online marketers should use SEMrush. It has helpful features like keyword research and technical SEO auditing. It can help you figure out how to compete with the big players in your industry by giving you tools like Growth Quadrant. This tool gives you an analysis of the competitive landscape so you don’t miss anything when planning an ad campaign or putting out new content on social media platforms.

The free SEMrush subscription gives you keyword research, reporting, and information about your competitors. Everything you need is at your fingertips, so you don’t have to go down dead-end streets to find what you need next because your current task didn’t work.

#15. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Website Crawler

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog analyses website performance. It crawls your website and makes reports about its content, metadata, design elements like layout or images, link popularity, and crawlability. This lets you measure page load time by finding 404 errors or missing external resources that can be optimized in SEO campaigns.

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider crawls your website and identifies errors and optimization opportunities. The free version can crawl up to 500 URLs, which can help you find technical problems and opportunities for optimization.

Screaming Frog exports data to spreadsheets online. This information can be used to analyze and respond to SEO recommendations, giving you long-term business strategy insights.

#16. hreflang Tags Testing Tool

hreflang Tags Testing Tool

The Hreflang Tags Testing Tool is useful. It tells you if there are international SEO errors or conflicts and how to fix them.

Google’s John Mueller has called hreflang implementation one of SEO’s most complex parts. Merkle’s hreflang Tags Testing Tool can help you check for code errors before publishing. You can’t be a perfect coder. Merkle has created an online testing tool to help find hreflang implementation errors in HTML or HTTP headers so they can be fixed before real users see them.

ghazanfariqbal hreflang tags testing tool

The Hreflang Diagnostic Tool helps you spot problems with hreflang implementation and understand alternate URLs and targeted regions. This is a job that takes a lot of time and requires patience from both you and the people giving you feedback. However, using this tool helps you and everyone else find problems quickly.

#17. Sloth Edge SEO Tool – Free Cloudflare Worker Code Generator

Sloth Edge SEO Tool

Sloth helps you set 301 and 302 redirects using Cloudflare Workers and their global data centers. Per-language hreflang implementation helps people find content in any language. Sloth allows A/B testing, so visitors always see the best version. And what if something else on your website isn’t working? Sloth tracks log files, too.

Sloth is a free tool that puts you in control of many SEO tasks, so you don’t need to rely on developers or work around CMS restrictions. Sloth saves time and effort because anyone with basic browser knowledge (e.g., Mozilla Firefox) can use it!

#18. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Anyone can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to see if their site works on mobile devices. It has become one of the most popular marketing tools in recent years because it gives instant feedback on how a website works on a mobile device.

Use this Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to determine if your site is mobile-friendly. The tool is easy to use, even for non-techies. Simply enter the URL of any web page you want to test and wait less than a minute to get mobile-friendly results and insights into what Google sees when someone visits your site on an iOS or Android device.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

#19. Rich Results Test – Structured data testing tool google

Structured data testing tool google

Rich results are obvious. They’re Google experiences beyond the blue link, title, and description. Carousels and other non-textual elements have rich results. It’s time to give your website rich results. Rich snippets tool shows useful information in Google search results from your website pages. See how one of our website pages retrieves more information when we search for web maintenance packages. Rich snippets help.

rich snipt

You can use the Google Rich Results Test tool to test your publicly accessible page to determine which rich results are produced by the structured data it contains.

Google Rich Results Test tool

#20. Schema Markup Validator Tool

Schema Markup Validator Tool

Making your content more search engine friendly by using structured data, or Schema markup as it is also known, is the most important step to take in this process. It gives you the ability to provide information about the types of things that can be discovered on a page, which can assist them in better understanding how they should rank pages within their results.

You can use a tool called the Schema Markup validator to determine whether or not the markup on your website adheres to the guidelines and criteria established by Google. It will help ensure accuracy, which is good because if we didn’t have this thing around, then it could negatively affect the page ranking of your website where you implemented the schema markup. It will help ensure accuracy, which is good because it should.

schema Markup Validator on

#21. Measure from -Measure page quality

Measure from

The Google Page Quality Measurement Tool is an excellent method for determining how well your website performs in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility, which together define page quality. You can use this tool to improve the quality of the user experience or the page you are working on by gaining useful insights. Start measuring the quality of your website right now using the tool that Google provides to measure page quality by following these three simple steps:

  • Run tests on your site.
  • Consider the things that truly count.
  • Learn useful tips for making progress.

google dav

#22. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – Audit & Improve Your Website

ahrefs webmaster tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) can be compared to Google Search Console in a lot of ways, aside from those generated by Ahrefs.

We wanted to ensure that every content creator has access to the data that will help to improve their websites. So, with the help of AWT, we are giving verified websites full access to Site Audit and Site Explorer.

To put it another way, we have not added any new features to AWT; rather, we are making certain aspects of Ahrefs accessible without a paid subscription.

site- audite report

site status feedhertothesharks


#1. What is Advanced SEO?

Advanced SEO techniques 2022 require expert knowledge. You probably won’t master these in your first few months. Advanced SEO involves advanced technical concepts and/or a deeper understanding of Google’s algorithm. Study and work can teach anyone advanced concepts.

#2. Is SEO still relevant in 2022?

Every year, something new, more advanced, and better comes out on the Internet in the way of a strategy or piece of technology. AI, the metaverse, social media, and other things start trends that people follow. So, if you own a business and want to improve your online presence, you may wonder if you need SEO.

#3. What is the difference between basic SEO and Advanced SEO?

Most people today have problems distinguishing between basic SEO and advanced SEO. SEO experts and digital marketing companies in the USA and UK face daily problems with clients understanding SEO terms and functions. But these aren’t completely different from one another; they form the various SEO levels.

#4. Should I invest in expensive SEO tools as a small business owner?

If you have time, yes. Otherwise No, Small business owners may not want to invest in expensive SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, which cost around $180 per month. Due to a growing list of priorities, you may not be able to get the returns you want from these platforms.

If you can afford expensive SEO tools, consider hiring a freelancer or agency. While your SEO strategy is being implemented, you can focus on other areas.


Companies should be aware of the 2022 SEO changes. These SEO tools can help you prepare for new trends. Using these SEO tools can boost your website’s rankings. We’re here to help with SEO and other digital marketing strategies. Contact us so we can help you succeed online this year and beyond.

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