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Do you know that 90.63% of blogs and websites do not receive any organic traffic from Google? Is organic traffic the key to SEO marketing? Then why can this website not get organic traffic from Google?

If you need to learn how SEO marketing changes the worth of blogs, go through this post. Here you get all the details about SEO marketing and its impacts on the marketing of your blogs.

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Concept of  SEO marketing:

SEO marketing is among the most common words all blog hosters, marketers, or content creators use. But only a few people are familiar with the concept of SEO marketing.

SEO marketing is all tactics and activities that someone performs to increase the organic search of their websites.

SEO Marketing

But what are different SEO strategies that SEO marketing experts employ to improve organic traffics on the page?

SEO marketing strategies:

SEO strategies are the primary source for changes in the value of blogs. If you read this post, you must be familiar with SEO marketing and on-page and off-page SEO. Here we are not going into such details.  We only explore some reasons and ways your blogs can rank at the top.

SEO marketing strategies

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  • Creating Backlinks:

When the search continues, and to examine the reasons behind the failure of organic traffic for 90% of websites, improper and insufficient backlinks are the main reasons.

So, including a backlink in your text is crucial. But overuse of backlinks also damages the website’s SEO.

You must use the Backlinks of the website that have factual data. Here are some recommendations for building backlinks.

  1. Get the link from the top-rated and popular websites. Use any popular tool to find appropriate links, like Neil Patel/ backlinks.
  2. Use a better version of an article that is already written. It means you must write content in more detail and be well-organized. Try to add every minute detail about your topic. Refrain from overstuffing the keyword in your content.
  3. Write custom emails for your article. It helps you in indexing your keywords and provides more backlink options.

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  • Discover the actual research intent of users.

Search the internet for your intended use and write for them. You must first check for which type of users you are writing content to. Then also, search for what your users want from you. For example, your user wants to know whether SEO marketing strategies are practical, and you write about how to do SEO marketing. 

  • Index your keywords.

One of the primary reasons for less organic traffic from Google to your pages is the need for proper indexing. Once you create your article on your keywords, you must submit it for indexing. If your pages are indexed, it does appear in the search console but do not provide organic traffic for your page.

  • Proper Content about keywords

Although people think that content affects the SEO marketing of your blogs, it’s just a myth. Because Content plays a vital role in the SEO marketing of blogs, it enhances the chance to be better indexed. Also, if you have yet to use the primary and LSI keywords properly affects your ROI. But inappropriate keyword stuffing is also punished by Google. So, use the keyword where it’s needed. 

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  • Improve the speed of your page.

The ranking of your page is also impacted by a page’s opening slowly or its search results. So when you intend for the search engine optimization of your page, then also focus on the loading speed of your pages. If your page loads slowly, it ends the reader’s interest in your page, and hence it increases the retention rate.

  • Keywords:

keywords research

Keywords finding is another foremost step in the SEO marketing of a blog. You must locate the ranking keywords in this stage. You can use the Google Console or any free or paid keywords finding tools to find the appropriate keywords for your blogs. 

  • Relevant Images:

Images in the blogs also attract readers. So if you add relevant pictures in the blog post, it enhances reader interest, and the reader reads the whole post. 

  • Social Media Campaign:

Social media marketing

Social media is another prominent factor you can use to increase the traffic on your page. If you write good content and then share their links to different social media platforms, people will click more on your links and increase traffic to your pages.

  • Proper Format of Blog:

Article formatting impacts the blog’s SEO.  Firstly, you must decide in what format you will write your content. You can choose any form, from Hows to patterns, step-by-step guides, comparisons, or listing formats. Check the search intent of readers and like the format your users like most.

  • On-page SEO

Keywords, meta descriptions, titles, short URLs and images are essential for optimizing blog posts. If you fail to focus on any of them, your blog post-SEO will not be effective. You must place keywords in the heading, meta tags and subheadings to rank your blog post at the top of the page.

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In a nutshell:

SEO marketing is the main issue of every blogger and website holder. They will spend a lot on SEO blogs, which only work short term. For a long-term result, you must focus on each aspect of your blog.

Focus on the keyword search, backlinks, social media campaign, indexing of keywords, speed of page loading, and user search intent. All these are essential aspects of SEO. If you work at all, then your SEO marketing changes the worth of your blogs.


What is the importance of content in SEO Marketing?

Content is central to SEO marketing; if you add irrelevant content to your blog or leave some crucial aspects of the topic, your user will not trust you again.

Do meta titles or meta descriptions play any role in the ranking?

Meta description and meta title do not have a direct link with ranking. But if you make it attractive, it increases clicks on your page.

How many words require to write in a blog to improve the SEO?

There are no words limit; ensure that your article covers each aspect of the topic.

Does paid SEO marketing give long-term results?

No, your paid SEO improves the ranking of your page only for a short time. For a long-term result, you have to focus on all elements of SEO in each blog post.


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