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In a modern era, where everybody aspires to enhance their digital network, it’s high time for those competent marketers to upgrade from a traditional marketing system. One of the prime methods to boost your online visibility is to invest in SEO and build quality backlinks.

Link building, known as backlinks or hyperlinks ( it’s a simpler way for users to navigate on further pages by just clicking) is a process to make your web page eligible to appear on the front page of search engines. It 

Significance Of Having Link Building For SEO

It has been seen that backlinks are the favorite tools of search engines like Google, Bing, etc and they take it as a credible source for a website’s backup plan. Having said that, if you’re a developing entrepreneur and want to rank your website in the frontier of the search list, then you definitely need to rely on the significance of having link building for SEO. 

SEO Manual: The Basics You Should Learn About IT

SEO Manual: The Basics You Should Learn About IT

Factors Required In Building An Effective Link Building For SEO

Backlinks are considered to be one of the most effective ways to improve your website’s ranking. But if you are looking for certain ways to keep it persistent and durable, you need to invest in those factors or elements on which search engines rely. Some of these practical elements are given below

  • Relevance
  • Anchor Text
  • Authority
  • Originality 
  • Follow vs Unfollow
  • Guest posting
  • Referral links
  • Placement
  • Destination

21 Best Strategies That Come In Handy To Have Quality Backlinks 

If you really want to know how to identify high-quality links, then this blog is totally meant for you. There are 21 solid strategies we are mentioning that serve as a magnet to attract high-quality backlinks to your website.

Quality Backlinks

#1: Top-notch content 

If your content is less informative, it wouldn’t be considered a reliable and authoritative brand by other parties.  It should be top quality in nature as it is the mirror image of your business organization as a whole and helps you earn more links with the passing of time.

#2: Seek help from your acquaintance

When you are on the startup journey of building backlinks, you have a little warm market. Hence, having a shortage of resources along with a social circle, you need to expand your area of work. Seek help from your business colleagues, and other acquaintances and send them your relevant links which have similar content to you. 

#3: Use the Skyscraper technique

Skyscraper is a procedure to develop high-ranking and quality-rich content having the maximum number of backlinks associated with it. In an extremely competitive digital world, it is a method of searching, crafting, and expanding your content structure after executing it even better

#4: Keep it original & organic

The more inventory content you produce, the more organic it turns out to be. Try to publish informative articles that are unlikely to be present on other websites. Use your personal data by conducting surveys and analyses, thus focus on your material because originality matters the most in digital networks.

#5: Look for broken links

Broken links, also known as dead link building, is the process of developing backlinks to alternate your landing page (that could be moved or removed) with working sites having an “error of 404”.  They are valuable and used as a boost tool for link building.

#5: Focus on visually-driven content

The content of your website mainly determines its ability to withdraw a ton of backlinks. On the main note, visual content such as videos, images, and infographics comes to the rescue to gain quick links for link building. It is mainly considered an effective way to gain the attention of viewers.

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 #6: Choose trending topics &  news

Always choose the topics which are the talk of the town. It is way more beneficial to captivate the attention of a respective audience. Moreover, newsworthy content works best and quickly with time and frame.

 #7: Feature other brands

Collaborate with the brands and agencies you’re well-acquainted with and who share an equivalent nature of the content. This is a proven helpful mechanism to initiate and expand a relationship with potential high-class brands.

#8: Comprehensive guide

Viewers like to see sites that are eye-catching & have precise and accurate listings. Strive to make your work smart but well data-oriented. For instance, if you create high-profile data based on charts, tables, guides, and glossaries, it automatically highlights itself and can be seen as a worth-linking webpage.

 #9: Increase relationships 

Outreach your performance to build professional relationships with potential-based clients and brand owners. By ensuring to create a secure and trustworthy bond with customers, it gives rise to establishing a comparative high community zone. Hence, it proves to be significantly important in generating guest posting opportunities.

 #10: Promotion videos

Video marketing is so far the most effective & functional method of promotion. By this way, if you create well informative and productive content, you’re good to go to achieve your monitor backlinks.

 #11: Interviews

Show your expertise in a specific area of work through the process of interviews. Online interviews are an easy and reliable method to be hired in a respective field. Thus, It provides various opportunities to strengthen online visibility and obtain high domain authority backlinks.

 #12: Link reclamation

As the name says, link reclamation is the initiative to bring back lost backlinks. You could lose a link due to one reason or another. Since these backlinks are an asset for SEO purposes, it’s easier to reclaim lost links rather than build a new ones. Along with it, it’s a cost-effective procedure as well.

 #13: Host an event

When you conduct an event or occasion, you ultimately get a chance to gain maximum backlinks as an advantage of social connections. In this regard, advertising agencies also play their part if you have a solid influence in a given field.

 #14: Sponsorship

You can also sponsor a meeting or conference hosted by another third party. Depending upon the nature of the seminars, you just need to find the respective workshop, and online lectures and implement link-building strategies accordingly. For national or international events, you can look up these sites: Meetup,, etc

#15: Content marketing

Good content is a landmark to earn good backlinks. You can either work in ways that are already proven or go for risky tasks that might work well. It could involve infographics, comprehensive guides, case studies, videography, or much more.

#16: White hat strategy

A white hat strategy is a process of increasing a website’s traffic by implementing a set of different SEO techniques. It is meant to ensure the authority of your web page by considering the user’s intent and by producing well-crafted and relatable content to make it persist in the longer run. 

#17: Social media backlinks

The vicinity of social media is not limited nowadays. You can give direct access to your site by adding your website’s URL in the bio or settings options on the page. Increase your online presence and stay relevant to the topic. Ask your friends to share, and engage, and thus you can get going ahead!


What is link building?

Link building is a technique that is specifically used to earn inbound links from credible sources for the sake of increasing your website’s ranking. 

Why is link building so important for ranking purposes?

Having a good source of backlinks creates the impression of your website’s authority or credibility. The reason is that backlinks are considered as votes of confidence and correspond with the quality of content. 

Why do I need to get link-building for my website?

As it is narrated previously, backlinks are universally acknowledged as a powerful tool for a website’s optimization. The more valuable links in a webpage, the more is the probability of its ranking respectively.

What is the role of anchor text in SEO?

Anchor text commonly referred to as link titles contain the words that make sure to increase the ranking of your webpage through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. They are prominent words that are clickable and get displayed on a hyperlink. Commonly, they have been placed as a default blue lined text but you can also customize your color & design by using CSS or HTML. For example, if a website puts a text like “10 simpler ways to achieve your weight loss goals”, then the search engine will automatically know what kind of audience it needs to get targeted. Those links that do not possess any anchor text are known as naked URLs. 

As a matter of fact, Google detects this text to get some knowledge about that targeted page. But it should be concise, relevant and upto mark to improve user experience. In this way, it definitely gets linked to Google algorithm that comes to have an idea about website structure.

What are the key advantages of guest posting?

Basically, guest posting is a process of making and publishing your blog on another website and it is usually placed on the author’s profile. It is vital for your brand’s awareness as what it does is to nurture your website’s ranking. 

Many companies consider this method to increase their website traffic and get effective backlinks in return. As we know the importance of backlinks already, it is quite crucial for having quality relationships & increasing web page optimization. All you need to do is to find your target audience then search your functional website according to your interests. Build a connection with it & deliver them well-pitched content that works well for them. Give them what they are having desire of and provide a valuable content as maximum as possible

How can we get referral links?

Let’s get some insight on referral links. These links are potential tools that can come as a big reward in your multi-national company. It works on a layout of producing a chain reaction and helps the companies to keep track of their consumers. The purpose of creating affiliates is to build & empower that brand’s profile who is liable to be producing this whole network. Whenever a user joins the platform, he gets his own referral link with a unique personalized code and that further leads to direct which new users have been coming from a single customer.

Moreover, if an upcoming user becomes a part of any referral program or signs up for your products or services, then it is confirmed for a new conversion, and a bonus is awarded to that referral friend. 

What do you know about good domain authority for backlinks?

By having a better knowledge of rich domain authority, it is possible to improve the ranking of websites on Google’s search engine result page ( SERP). There are many factors that come in handy for the purpose of boosting your network in a world full of competitors. Thus, by investing in domain authority (DA), it is highly possible to put your brand at a prior level.

But the important thing to be considered is that this method is time-taking and doesn’t yield instant results. It’s a scale designed by Moz and has been under practice by many influencers worldwide due to its admirable impact on digital marketing.

 Numerically, there’s a range of 1 to 100 in an ascending order & the normal score should lie between 40 and 50. However, the good one needs to be under 50 and 60, while on the other hand, the scores that fall above the range of 60 is rated as brilliant. Furthermore, you need to make your website responsive, speed effective and fulfill other parameters that make sure to appear on search results.

What Is Guest Post Placement and its Significance?

Guest posting, as well known as guest blogging, is a powerful marketing strategy and is a great way for writers to get some resources samples of their work as an online portfolio. But you need to be deeply careful when it comes to choosing your sponsored niche. Because in this platform, you’re also expressing your personal command of topics you’re delivering content on. It is suggested that the content should be reader-friendly, informative & relatable. In such a way, it convinces the audience that the author is an expert in its field and knows about what you’re in need of.

As discussed previously, guest posting is valuable for improving the ranking of a web page, building new relationships in similar fields, amplifying its organic traffic, and helping to make the brand well-known in the marketplace.

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