12 essential On Page Factors

On-Page SEO is a procedure for your content page, links, and tags to make your search visualness. Here, we shall discuss the 12 factors of On-Page SEO.
Did you play Football? If yes, then you shall know that there is not a big way to play a game. It just only makes the game level faster and faster. Then we say that SEO is just like this. You should also be tensed about… Can our site will be ranking on the first page of SEO or not? Then we should better know how search engines can work.

Basics of search engine:

We say that Google can their crawlers, or explorers to search the internet. They can find the link from one page to another, and the content map that can be built is also known as the Search index. The crawlers that can explore your site will see what kind of content you have. Then this data can be used by Google Algorithm to know how many comments users can give you. The increasing rate of answer queries will increase your site ranking. Google can give efficient results to the users and the algorithm can be also updated. Then anyone can optimize your website and the rate of ranking will increase.

search engine

Importance of On-Page SEO:

This is also known as On-Site SEO. It is the procedure of our page content, links, and tags to upgrade the search visualness and also enlarge the organic traffic. In other words, we say that it can optimize your website and help Google better understand it. And this probably gives many benefits. The first five results of the search page can contain 67% of all the clicks. And the further five can contain 3%. And then it will be dropped. So if you get more traffic so you will be able to present on the top. So we say that high-ranked sites have high click rates.

There are 94% of users of the internet who can use their mobile phones to search for those things which they need in the day whatever at any time of the day. And your ON Page SEO is the most important factor in your website ranking or organic traffic. I think you can know about the importance of On-Page SEO. Let’s start with our main topic.

12 important factors of On-Page SEO:

This can be divided into three main parts:

  • Content
  • Architecture of website
  • HTML

Now, we discuss it …!!!!


I say that the content is head. Individually, we say that Search engine optimization without it is like a new car with the absence of its engine. It looking is good but it doesn’t give benefits, so it can be noted that all content cannot be written equally.
The factors which you need to improve in On-Page SEO.

1. The E-A-T:

The website is dependent upon the EAT. Its full form is expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. On the many pages of the search engine, it can be repeated 134 times which can play an important role in Google algorithms. There are only some elements in SEO that play an important role in the ranking site.

2. The keywords:

This is the basic step in which you can give the answers to the user’s question in their language. You can use keywords in your all content and some related keywords that can be searched by the users.
For example: If you have the website of a jewelry shop then the users can search the keywords like [bangles], [rings], and so on. If your shop is specific then you should be able to use the long termed keywords.
You should always know what the customers can search for and add them to your content.


3. The SEO writing:

Writing content that can attract Google and changes human visitors is such a type of drawing. It should be done by the wonderful practice of your SEO writing.
Some keywords we discuss below:

Easily readable:

This means that your content can be easily readable. And the users can easily search for the information that they need.

Overuse of the keywords:

This is also called keyword stuffing. This method can be used in past by unprofessional writers. The search engine cannot give importance to that site which can overuse the keywords. If you can addicted to this habit then you should know that whenever your site can be removed suddenly.

Shortness of paragraphs and sentences:

It should be difficult for a user to read a lengthy paragraph. So don’t write long paragraphs and sentences. It can distract the user to leave your site.

Subheading usage:

This is because of the content size and the content that you can write and make the attention of the user to open your site. Written content can be useful for the user and based on the need of the user.

Use of bullets:

This is the best way that the use of bullets can be beneficial because the information can be easily broken and can be easily read. Use it when they are in need.


The visual assistance:

More use of images and links can make your site more attractive and interesting. it also attracts the user to open your site. It also helps to level up your SEO. There are overall 41% of customers can search in case of when they can do online shopping. Be careful! Your image cannot be uploaded slowly. The images that you can add must be shared. They help you to level up your boost E-A-T.


It is also called Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the code that can make your webpage and content structure it can help the search engine too where they show your content and also tells that what your page takes and in what category they rank. So, we should discuss their factors:

4. The Title Tag:

This takes importance because they can help to concentrate on details. It contains a code that allows you to add the title of the website. With other conditions and elements of On-Page SEO, they can also help you to exhibit your relevance to the site and construct the context.

title tag

5. Meta Description:

This is not a factor that can help in ranking. As a ranking factor, it has also been proven about the meta description is probably wrong but people believe in it. They can tell the search engine what your site contains and make determine about CTRS. Accurate description can make the user more attracted to click on your website. So don’t mistreat them.

6. Optimization of an image:

Earlier on, I can tell you about the visual assist but now I can tell you more related to the image optimization. There are the following ways:

  • Add friendly SEO tags
  • Select the correct size and format for the quick loading
  • Written the image name without using other words
  • The image should be mobile friendly

optimization of image

7. The Geotag:

It is considered a global providence. But some are done at the local pitch. Always in touch with the people who can help you to increase your On-Page SEO factors.
There are main points that can be focused on:

  • Increase the list which may include the name, address, URL tags, mobile number, and other apps.
  • Increase your content by searching, adding locations and buying some blogs, etc.
  • Increase your linking ability.
  • You are always sure to add the name and location in your content.

8. The architecture of the website:

The website that can be written well is because of two objectives: The website can be written in a manner way and drag by Google. And the second one is that it can high in the user experience. There are also some factors:

9. Speed of the site:

A website that cannot be loaded fast cannot attract users to visit your site. And it also damages your ranking ability. If you have probably met with the meeting of Google Core Web Vitals. If you are not connected with this meeting you can take the following steps:

  • Authorize compressions
  • Decreasing redirects
  • Increasing images
  • Working Google caches

speed site

10. Approachable designs:

There are more than 70% users of the internet at a time. the search engine can obey the tracks and give them the designs in the usage of the mobile search ranking system. This can give result in approachable designs.


11. Structure of URL:

URL has a large importance in SEO. The writers can make sure that their keywords would be set in the web addresses for the best ranking. But the search engine can swap the algorithm. Google can make use of URL and their score. So there is proof that can help in initial ranking. This is considered of great importance in SEO so it cannot be rejected.


12. The Links:

Your website can contain well structured if you can add the links to it. So we say that links can be doing their job in equal ways. They contain three types:

Internal links: It is the one that can quickest to another page.
Outbound links: It is also called external links. They can set on the different domains of the site.
Inbound links: It is also known as backlinks. The links can be set to your site from the other side.
Inbound links can have great importance. It can give many benefits to SEO. The professionals can use many links in their content.


Difference b/w On Page and Off Page SEO:

On-Page SEO can level up your ranking which can include the optimization of keywords, title tags, and structure of the website.
Off Page SEO can be done externally to rank your site. It can contain SEO, EAT, and per clicking.
If you better know about On-page SEO then you will probably know about Off Page SEO. Keep it in mind.


In the end, we say that Google can find that information that can be helpful for the users and give them a position on the top of SERPs. You aim to give the most valuable information to the users. Always start the work with your great attention. Give all your ducks in rows and after it, you can get results. Which can contain all the better organic traffic and factors of Off-Site. On the page, SEO has great importance in SEO strategy. You should be able to write efficient content with important keywords.

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