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The search engine can also update its users with the new update launched by Google. In this article, we shall discuss the SEO guidelines that Google said. It is important to tell people to write more efficiently and after take the result better.

Attention to other people’s content:

Your written content should be effective so that people can get the information from there. People come to your site again and again and they get the information they need. You would be confident that the content you should write will be written according to our update. Write the content for the people that they should like your material not much written for Google. The writers which can make the content for the people should depend on the interest of the people and write the content which can need by the people. Some people use SEO for the best finding of the material. There is some question that you can able to answer them:

  • Have you any spectators for your site that can give you those materials which are helpful to you?
  • Have you taken all these updates in your mind before writing?
  • Does your site contain any important points or interests?
  • Does anyone feel comfortable after studying your content?
  • Does anyone feel that they should be most trained to help others in this topic after studying your content?

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Firstly don’t write for the Search Engine:

The idea that we should give doesn’t attract you from the guides of SEO, like including the guides in SEO. Search engine optimization should be must better when they should bear on the other content. The material or article written for the SEO traffic should be more powerful and interact with the material which the people do not like. Here is some question for you to keep away from the Google first content:

  • Can you explain all the terms that others said without adding something to them?
  • Can this content attract users from Google except for humans?
  • Should you count your words on how much you write?
  • Does your content have this ability to answer those questions which has unanswerable?
  • Has your content made the user comfortable that they should find all those these things in it according to their need?
  • Can you write on many other topics with the use of automation?

Working on the update:

The new update will start from the next of the week. This amendment gives the site signal which can be most helpful to contemplate in many other site rank pages. The information that can be not useful or have much less value can automatically find out by our system. The site that cannot give helpful content should not be shown in the search rather than those sites which give more efficient and accurate content in place of them. The content that should be un useable should be deleted and the other content will be ranked in place of them.

Do some people think that if the site does not provide the correct information then how much time it will take to keep it up again? So this system will take months. And on the other hand, this site can also be checked with all the other sites. This can also decide that the content that should not be helpful would not come back again then the process should not be started. This system should be done automatically by the use of the learning model machine. These are only the signals in which Google is also signal which can prefer the rank pages.

The sites which do not contain the better content should also be ranked because they can contain in few amount of useful content. The present signal should be more powerful and the site that has un useable material should be also strong. For the best ranking of your site, you may be sure that you should remove all the extra material and you should follow our all updates.


If you want to give any feedback then you can comment on the help forum. If you want to give any ideas to our site then you should use the feedback forum. With the help of your feedback, we should be able to make the system better.

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