SEO to Improve Business Ranking

SEO is the sure-shot to take your remarkable business to great heights. You might have invested a lot in your business. But, if your website doesn’t show up on the first SERPs, you won’t get much traffic. Do you know SEO works on the principle of pull marketing, not pull? You can combine great products and services with an excellent marketing strategy.

In this digital world, optimizing your website for search engines pays you many times back. Backlinks from across the web give you a regular pool of customers. SEO is easier to achieve but demands consistent efforts and a proper approach. You can frame your SEO strategy by following tried and tested methods mentioned in this article.

How can you improve your business ranking with SEO?

Some marketers think that SEO is not worth it. But, the reality is the opposite. SEO is effective in giving a boost to organic traffic, maximizing ROI, and enhancing your rankings. Furthermore, optimizing your website increases the lead generation and conversion rate.

When you are visible online, your customers will increase. And those customers will spread word of mouth regarding your business. So, it is a continuous process that amplifies your market. Follow these tips to make the most out of SEO:

# Provide quality content related to product and services

Content is like the soul of the website. Quality content enlivens the concept behind each product and service. Now, how to design relevant content?

  1. Think from the customer’s point of view.
  2. What are the concern areas and needs of the clients?
  3. How will they find your content more engaging?
  4. Add visuals to illustrate the central theme of the web page.

Next, find out what is the existing content available online. For example, product descriptions and services focus on which aspects of the customer’s requirements. You can add your perspective and recommendations to them

# Update your previous content

Refresh your content written and images uploaded earlier. It is like polishing and renovating your home’s old furniture. Moreover, new products keep on coming into the market with advanced technologies and features.

Also, search engines index these pages at a higher position than old content. Any new content gets a better ranking as it adds more value for the users. You can follow:

  1. Redesign your images with recent stats in the form of infographics.
  2. Add recent developments in the product’s niche.
  3. Connect related topics, and come up with entirely different aspects.
  4. You can redefine your content with trending market keywords

# Optimize user experience

Users getting bad experiences on your site won’t come back again. But, if you provide a fantastic and personalized user experience, they also refer your business to others. You can enhance the user experience by:

Loading speed

Full HD images can decrease the loading speed of the website. It is better to compress them and optimize their number.

Your loading speed may get affected due to server-side faults as well. So, change the server to fully dedicate one if you have many users and heavy data.

Mobile-friendly Site

With the advancement in technologies, smartphones are affordable. Thus, more than 90% of the population uses the internet on mobile. A responsive site helps in expanding your customer base. Also, allow web spiders to crawl on your mobile website.

You can take the help of certified SEO professionals to enhance user experience and achieve mobile-optimized websites.

# Give compelling Call to action

CTA is such a part that directs users to whatever you want them to do. A clear and highlighted CTA is the way to drive conversions. Nowadays, static, predictable, boring, non-personalized CTAs don’t bear good results. Let’s understand the buyer’s journey:

  1. The first stage is awareness; customers come to know they have a specific problem. And they need to seek a solution.
  2. Next comes the consideration stage, where they look for possible solutions in the market. Here, customers see and compare the options available.
  3. Last, the decision stage prepares his mind to buy.

Consumers don’t know what’s in store for them. They won’t purchase. That’s why the online market is full of free trials. It should be so fabulous that customers understand they can’t survive without it.

It is the best way to give the first-hand experience. It builds trust. Thus, use risk-free CTAs like no credit card reqd, test it out, and get the start for free. People don’t like to provide their credit card details. They fear they’ll forget to cancel it after a free trial.

You can choose to keep a persistent CTA header. Some consumers don’t reach the end of the blog. So, persistent CTA will drive your conversions anyway. Also, you can put the pop-up CTAs when users want to leave your site.

# Use social media marketing

Social media is one of the hot-selling platforms on the internet. Social media and SEO are highly interlinked. When you put your website URL along with posts, it improves your online visibility.

Social media includes people from all walks of life. Therefore, you can target your customers easily on social media. Optimize your social media marketing by:

  1. Put videos on social media to get maximum user engagement.
  2. Stories are popular these days. Users can relate themselves to your company journey, product-related stories.
  3. Consistent posts on social media bring more customers to you.


# Find and Fix broken links

Broken links are the worst SEO case scenario! When users click on the broken links within or from another site, they find a blank page. It reduces the reputation of your brand.

Fixing the broken links is of utmost importance. There are many tools available online like backlink checkers by Moz, Ahref. It will give you a list of broken links.

Now, broken links have two types. Ones that are not relevant anymore. Assign 404 status error code to these links. Also, submit them to the Google search console. Google will deindex and remove them within a month.

Second, links that you can redirect to existing relevant web pages. You can specify 301 status codes to such web pages. In this way, your clients will get a safer place to land.


Let’s wind up; working on SEO is like grabbing the lowest hanging fruit. SEO brings more customers into your marketing funnel. In brief, these are the helpful ways:


  • Grab the attention of visitors with appealing content and target keywords.
  • Optimize for technical SEO parameters to widen your reach.
  • Assign your internal links to the highest converting pages.
  • Earn backlinks from high authority websites to get maximum link juice.


So, which one of the strategies mentioned in the article above are you planning to implement first?


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