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At this early stage, all the writers can want to write SEO-friendly content but they can’t do this due to some common mistakes. SEO writing content is the most important and very difficult art if you cannot know about it. Google can release a new update every week which can be important for the writers to obey them. Writing an SEO article is not much difficult. In this article, I shall tell you about how to write SEO Friendly content in 2022.

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SEO-Friendly Content:

It is the article that can most helpful for you for the best ranking of your article in SERPs. The friendly content is not enough and the name for the editing of pictures, names, titles, and other things is. It can be increased and more than all of these things.
The followings methods can tell you the best writing of an SEO friendly content in 2022:

Method 1: Searching for the Topic

The first method of writing the content should be searching for your topic. You may know which subject did you write about and what can be covered in your content. In your article you may concentrate on these steps:

  • Address keyword
  • Content limitation
  • Outlining of the article
  • Choosing the article which can be braid
  • For more FAQS

Method 2: Searching for the keyword

The second main step for the writing of content should be the search for a keyword. You may choose the best keyword on which you write. For the best search of the keyword, you should use the tools. The best and the good tool for researching the keyword is the SeMrush tool or keyword research tool. These tools can give you those keywords which are at the top of the ranking.

Method 3: Searching for the Content

The third main step for the writing of an article should be searching for the content. In this, you can search and find what type of article should be ranked by the search engine. The top 10 articles will be shown on the first page of the search engine always remember that you do not copy their article and make effort to write the best article from them. For the searching of the most ideal and esthetic data then you can use the frase.

Method 4: Content Limitation

This is another important factor for the article. You need to know what is the limit of your content is it more or less than others? For this purpose, you can also use the SEO content template. For this, you can find the keyword that can be more esthetic and can be ideal at that time.

Method 5: Addition of FAQS

This can be easily seen on the first page of the search engine where it is in the form of a heading, people also ask. In this, you can see that if there is any question interlinked with your article add them to your content and answer them. Finally, if you can open when immediately many more other questions will be in front of you. Don’t make a habit to use it in your every article. Sometimes it should be proven dangerous.
Some more points for the best content writing:

  • Add meta title and meta post title:

The meta title and meta post should be different. If we talk about the post title it means that it can define your content so that the user can see and come. Meta post title means that they can be shown on Google. If you miss anyone in them then it can give not good expression. Your maximum post meta title should be 67-70 words.

  • Post meta description:

This is the most important thing which can give you more ranking. You can add this with the help of rank math and plugins. It should be written a maximum of 160 words. So don’t miss them.

  • Pictures and links:

Always edit the picture by their name what is this picture defined? It can give the best expression to Google to easily understand what this picture tells and what it is about. You may convert your image from jpg to Webp. And secondly, you can also edit the links in your content if any other link can be interlinked and match your content. Then you should edit it so that the user can read this also if they need further information.


If you want to attain the attention of the search engine then you should mainly know about writing SEO-friendly content. Because it cannot be difficult if you know it very well. I hope this article can give you information according to your need.

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